[Bug] Odd bluish hue on upper half of stone variation slabs

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Post 16 Apr 2014, 16:02

Any news? :)
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Post 25 Aug 2014, 11:33 

I suppose taking a year to look in to this is a bit dumb and maybe kinda pointless since these sorts of IDs are disappearing in MC1.8 (unless MCPatcher/Optifine will still refer to IDs anyway?), but this is fixed by adding:

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44\:8 44\:9 44\:11 44\:12 44\:13
to the line that begins palette.block.~/colormap/stone.png= in the /assets/minecraft/mcpatcher/color.properties file.

For reference those end numbers refer as such:

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8 == stone
9 == sandstone
11 == cobble
12 == brick
13 == stone brick
-- Monday 2014-08-25 @ 12:33:46 --

Anyway, the above fixes the issue. Sphax is aware and will use it where necessary for future updates.

It likely won't be backported, however.

Considering this fixed.
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