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06 Jan 2015, 01:22
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Re: Things that should get fixed/changed

I did make a milky way texture when I first started texturing. It looked horrific the way I did it. But I think it would look really nice if it was done right. I wonder if it can be animated. It might be nice to have some twinkly stars too.
15 Nov 2014, 20:31
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Re: Sphax Patcher?

Plus, a patcher is almost irrelavant now, in the newer versions of MC you can just install sphax at the bottom and put the patches on as layers, this also makes updating to a newer patch version much easier. Or at least it made it easier for myself.
15 Oct 2014, 21:20
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Dropbox troubles. Possible dead links

Well dropbox is being a royal pain in the behind. Story: With phones you get free dropbox space, approx 50GB for 2 years. Which coincides with my phone upgrade thing. So I got the upgrade. However if the old space hadnt run out before you activate the new phone you dont get the extra space with it, ...
30 Sep 2014, 20:46
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Re: computer craft

HanFox wrote:*moved to Help Center*

I actually updated ComputerCraft for MC1.7.10 the other day. Added the Pocket PC things, too. ;)
*hi-five* Thanks Han :) Btw you can have the patch if you want? I probably wont update it now. :)
30 Sep 2014, 17:23
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Re: computer craft

You should be able to?
It's right here. ... -t269.html
And I tested all the links, they're fine.
Albeit probably quite outdated. Sorry :(
08 Aug 2014, 03:02
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Re: Remote IO

Gettin' better at texturing there Sega! The blocks look pretty cool!
28 Jul 2014, 19:12
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Re: Feedback on PureBDcraft 1.8

Why are alot of the items super thin? I love this resource pack but this is very very wierd. Like the pick and shovel are super thin and don't really have a full model like they use to. It may just be mine, I have no idea. Read back a page or two. Sphax changed it to improve the look of the items a...
27 Jul 2014, 22:35
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Re: Bdcraft Galaxy alternate textures.

I'm not sure if this is even possible. You could probably paint a galaxy background on the star map(I have no idea if this exists) like you see the milky way band overhead on a clear night. But I'm fairly certain you couldn't have shooting stars/Unidentified Flying Creepers :P
24 Jul 2014, 21:09
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Re: Feedback on PureBDcraft 1.8

Is it intended that the sword items in the hand don't have extruded depth?
Because it looks a bit weird in 3rd person view when viewed front on. It's almost invisible, bar a few pixels from the perspective distortion.
21 Jul 2014, 10:40
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Re: Ars magica 2

i know... but i just just don't. I am going to go ahead and do botania but i just dont want anything to do with this anymore ;( P.S. I deleted everything by accident, thats why im going crazy. SILLY D: You should have PM'd me. I've only just recently cleaned out my collection of sphax patch downloa...