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Re: [Game Bug|Bedrock] Water,Lava,Fire Animation stops immediatly if youre more than 4-5 blocks away !

Sadly this is a known issue with the game engine that cannot be easily fixed. Basically the only known fix is to remove mipmaps entirely from the pack (which requires editing a file inside the pack), but when we did do that that caused issues for some users where black/white lines would appear betwe...
by HanFox
17 Sep 2019, 14:11
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Re: [Not a Bug|Java] VanillaBDcraft 1.14 64x

The Addons don't work with VanillaBDcraft. Hence why they're not listed on its page.

We'll look at making that more obvious soon, as people keep getting confused.
by HanFox
16 Sep 2019, 22:34
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Re: Addons not working - MC114 x128 res

The addons don't work with VanillaBDcraft. That's why they're not listed on its page.

Maybe we need to be more explicit with that on the addon pages as people keep getting confused.
by HanFox
15 Sep 2019, 12:01
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Re: [Bug] Vanilla BDcraft - missing textures

All the textures should now be completed as of 13th September.

If you notice anything still not done please make a new Bug Report.
by HanFox
14 Sep 2019, 17:52
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Re: help please

The Request section isn't for requesting a patch for a personal mods list, so I moved your post to the Help Centre. It's pointless someone putting the patches together if they don't know why it's not working for you. You'll need to post your latest.log from your logs folder so we can try and see wha...
by HanFox
14 Sep 2019, 09:28
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VanillaBDcraft for Village & PIllage (1.12) released!

/wp-content/uploads/gallery/vanillabdcraft-minecraft-bedrock/vanillabdcraft_MarketingScreenshot_0.jpg Village and Pillage update It's finally updated. Sorry for the long wait. All textures are done and released on the marketplace! If you already own the pack it should automatically update. Thanks f...
by HanFox
14 Sep 2019, 09:26
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Feedback on VanillaBDcraft 1.14 MC1.14 - Village and Pillage Update Welcome to the feedback thread for the MC1.14 release of VanillaBDcraft! :) Get the downloads here . You can see the changelog here . The team that created this pack is: Sphax , and HanFox ...
by HanFox
13 Sep 2019, 22:30
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Re: [Bug|Bedrock] Texture pack has stopped loading on realms

An update was released on the 11th that should have fixed this.

If anyone is still having issues please make a new Bug Report.
by HanFox
13 Sep 2019, 21:10
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Re: Addon without the Full Pack

You would need to look through the Tech addon model files and work out which textures are required from the main pack, and then copy those out of it.