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by HanFox
06 Aug 2013, 16:45
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Re: More Alternate Textures

Just FYI I brought up the Birch log tops on Twitter with Sphax:
by HanFox
06 Aug 2013, 16:43
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Re: [128x/64x/32x] Feed the Beast Launcher Packs

hello, Was only wondering if there will be any ctm textures for wooden planks etcetera. i was able to import the ones from tekkit but all the new planks do not have any ctm textures. I would really like to see that in the pack or if anyone else know another pack with the textures already include so...
by HanFox
06 Aug 2013, 16:42
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Re: [128x/64x] Feed the Beast: Unleashed Pack [WIP]

OK, guys, I have to correct myself. Forcing the update did not help. It just removed optifine from pack. After adding optifine back to pack, it crashed. So I did a little including and excluding texture packs. As it turns out it was something with the mods/forestry directory that was causing the mi...
by HanFox
06 Aug 2013, 16:41
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Re: [512x - 32x] Forestry v2.0.0.11 & v2.2.8.0 & v2.2.9.0

hey, Can you please make some good looking ctm Textures for all the planks in this mod like the ones in tekkit with the standard planks. would love to see it on the slabs too. I can, but it's unlikely you'd ever see them if you want to use them in Tekkit as Optifine doesn't support mod CTM yet. MCP...
by HanFox
06 Aug 2013, 16:37
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Re: [128x] Feed the Beast: Unleashed Pack [WIP]

So I fire up FTB Unleashed with this texture pack installed, and when I click on it in the texture pack menu, it crashes after a minute of loading. I triple checked that I installed the patch to the vanilla sphax 1.5 128 properly, so I can't figure out what's causing the crash. My crash log is spoi...
by HanFox
06 Aug 2013, 16:35
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Re: Can't use the texture pack on my server. :(

To add to Aedaeum's post you can only use it as a server texturepack if the server is private/whitelist only.

It's against the license to publicly redistribute the pack which is why you couldn't find any other direct link.
by HanFox
06 Aug 2013, 07:24
Topic: IC2 crash
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Re: 1.6.2 compatibility

i put my IC2 patch in the assets folder than when i start my minecraft it crashes it says java.lang.outofmemoryerror please help me or can you make the video of the patch for 1.6.2 ?? Well the clue is in the crash info you posted: java.lang.outofmemoryerror Either assign more memory to Minecraft or...
by HanFox
06 Aug 2013, 00:28
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Re: Topic totally locked after accepting an aswer

It would require a custom forum script and is not really worth it.

The other sections of the board are for chat.

It's like I said before if you choose to mark a help thread as solved then your issue must be fixed. I don't really consider that unfriendly.
by HanFox
05 Aug 2013, 22:33
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Re: All grass blocks

Not utterly sure this warranted a second thread, but regardless...

Turn off Fancy Grass in your options.
by HanFox
05 Aug 2013, 22:33
Topic: Half way
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Re: Half way

White textures are generally due to running out of memory (either RAM or VRAM).

Either assign more RAM to Tekkit or user lower resolution of the textures.