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by HanFox
09 Oct 2019, 09:37
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Re: [MC1.8 - 1.13] PureBDcraft Customiser - Alternative Blocks, Items & Entities

is this ever going to get updated for 1.14, or potentially even 1.15 along with the sound and music packs or has it been dropped It will be updated, but I've been working on integrating it with the BDcraft website which isn't a case of just dumping the code straight in, and it's been taking longer ...
by HanFox
08 Oct 2019, 17:47
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Re: create a Patch for a specific Server

As long as it doesn't breach our Terms of Use as outlined on the main pack download pages, yes you can release a patch for specific game modes for servers.
by HanFox
07 Oct 2019, 14:17
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Re: [128x/64x/32x] FTB Ultimate Reloaded [MC1.12]

I found an issue with Horse textures. They seem scrambled all around. I downloaded the vanilla bdcraft texture pack x64 for MC1.12, and the FTB Ultimate pack here also x64. Optifine is not used, as far as I can tell. I think the issue might be related to the horse changes between 1.12 and 1.13, but...
by HanFox
05 Oct 2019, 08:30
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Re: Minecraft Windows Edition texture pack not fully applying.

It's possible to force specific resources for individual worlds, so you'll likely need to select your world and edit its settings to make sure it's not set to use the wrong resources.

Re: Is there any way to get a smooth bow like the swords with the optifine addon enabled?

Currently the bows have no models like that and there are currently no plans to add them.

If you really wanted it you'd need to either find another pack that has modelled bows or make them yourself.
by HanFox
04 Oct 2019, 08:06
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Re: Can you Please add PureBD sphax to PS4?

Since Sony announced crossplay being available for all games this needs to be bumped...seriously this needs to be on ps4...even though it made 0 sense why we needed crossplay in the first place... It wasn't strictly crossplay that was required, it's the marketplace. Previously, at least on PS3, kno...
by HanFox
02 Oct 2019, 07:33
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Re: Bug with custom color

And I thought I'd been really careful when updating the Custom Colours list :(

If you want to fix it yourself for now you can edit /assets/minecraft/optifine/ and add the block name to the line beginning:

Code: Select all

by HanFox
02 Oct 2019, 07:31
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Re: [128x - 32x] Tekxit [MC1.7 & MC1.12]

Do you know if this texture pack is up to date with Tekxit 3 0.96 now? All of the comments are from around June and I'd rather not find out 20 hours down the line that something is missing a texture.. If it's all up-to-date, the pack itself looks great :3 Most mod pack patches are missing some amou...
by HanFox
01 Oct 2019, 15:47
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Re: Grass texture separation

This is a choice Sphax made to give it a more random look without adding more textures. If you don't like it you can edit /assets/minecraft/blockstates/grass_block.json and replace the contents with: { "multipart": [ { "when": { "snowy": "false" }, "apply": [ { "model": "block/_bdc/grass_block_01", ...
by HanFox
30 Sep 2019, 09:54
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Re: Feedback on VanillaBDcraft 1.14

I updated the resource pack and now my game went from playing at around 100fps to 40. I have an rtx 2080 and ryzen 2700x so my computer should be handling it fine. there are 8gb of ram allocated to MC too Please take a look at this post by enderkitsune for possible fixes: