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20 Oct 2012, 19:16
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[128x/64x] Exp Chest v1 / v3

Exp Chest A simple experience chest. Best used if you are a high level and don't want to take a chance at losing your exp when you go adventuring. Also good if you just want so save up your exp without having the risk of one of those pesky creepers kill you while you are just getting a few resource...
11 Aug 2012, 08:39
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[128x/64x] Equivalent Exchange 2

[img=364x40][/img] Downloads Download Equivalent Exchange 2 128x Mod Patch for PureBDcraft Download Equivalent Exchange 2 64x Mod Patch for PureBDcraft Go to Equivalent Exchange 2 Mod thread on Preview [img=500x241][/img]