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11 Jul 2013, 23:26
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Re: Nyan Cat: Easter Egg?

Sparkst3r wrote:
fenderzilla wrote: Is this an easter egg from the sphax team?
If it is intentional. It was very likely Caden. The breaking animation for the EE alchemy chest is a rubber duck. :P
Not me
31 May 2013, 19:28
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[512x - 32x] GateCopy [MC1.5 - 1.6]

Gate Copy by denoflions This mod adds a clipboard item that can copy the settings from a Buildcraft Gate and paste those settings onto another similar gate. Gate Copy Downloads v3.1.3 for MC1.6 512x 256x 128x 64x 32x v3.0.2 for MC1.5 512x 256x 128x 64x 32x Previous Versions: Download 128x Download ...
07 May 2013, 21:56
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[128x] Equivalent Exchange 3

<r>1.5.1: <URL url=""><LINK_TEXT text=" ..."></LINK_TEXT></URL><br/> 1.4.7: <URL url="">h...
12 Apr 2013, 13:55
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[512x - 32x] Calclavia Core/Resonant Engine [MC1.6] Basic Components / Calclavia Core / Resonant Induction is a Universal Electricity core mod to be served as an entry mod for Universal Electricity. Basic Component's goal is to provide players with some basic utilities to allow UE mods to use a common recipe and provid...
16 Mar 2013, 15:50
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[128x/64x] Portal Gun [MC1.4.7 - 1.7] This mod adds several items from the game Portal to Minecraft. tl;dr portal guns Go to the Portal Gun website Downloads for MC1.7 128x 64x v2.0.2 for MC1.6 128x 64x 1.5.0v1 for MC1.5 128x 64x 1.4.7v5 for MC1.4.7 Download 128x Download 64x Preview
08 Mar 2013, 20:42
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[128x/64x] Bluestone v2.2

Bluestone patch for PureBDcraft texturepack Bluestone works the same as redstone, with the difference that bluestone doesn't power redstone, and redstone doesn't power bluestone. You can lay them beside each other, without them connecting. Hellstone is the same, but. There is an additional way of p...
07 Dec 2012, 07:09
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[128x/64x] Donuts Mod v1 Donuts Mod by MrChocmaster aka GTTE This mod adds several donuts to the game that have their own special ability, like the creeper donut for example; it will blow up if you try to eat it :3 Go to the Donuts Mod thread Downloads Download...
01 Dec 2012, 01:43
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Cogs of the machine

DO IT ... e-machine/
Ok! I have nothing to show yet, however!
I lied! (han, do not delete)
13 Nov 2012, 15:07
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[128x/64x] Steve's Carts 1 & 2 [MC1.2.5 / 1.5 - 1.12]

Steve's Carts Go to Steve's Carts Mod thread on the Minecraft Forums Downloads for MC1.12 by Novamanga 128x 64x 32x for MC1.10 by Novamanga 128x 64x 32x for MC1.7.10 128x 64x 32x for MC1.6 128x 64x for MC1.5.2 128x 64x for MC1.2.5 128x 64x Preview Blocks [gallery=]http:/...