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by Sphax
21 Aug 2016, 13:22
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Re: [Please Reply, Sphax] Textures for a new game

Hi, Sorry but if you want to interest anyone in your project of voxel game, you really should post at least a website related to the project, some screenshots, some goals, what makes your project unique and interesting... According to the terms of use for PureBDcraft, the use of the textures are not...
by Sphax
26 Jul 2016, 22:43
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions about Cubik

Be sure to use a PNG file, a square texture and that the texture is loaded from a Minecraft ResourcePack (unzipped).
by Sphax
18 Jul 2016, 17:52
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Re: Views > Edit Mode Problem

Be sure to check "export" option
by Sphax
22 Jun 2016, 05:44
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Re: Cubik 0.96beta: Changelog

Go to Tools > Preferences > Views > Enable use textures in 3D view
by Sphax
22 Jun 2016, 05:41
Topic: Animating
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Re: Animating

There's no real way to animate the movement of a model of block or item currently. The "move" that you seen in some RP is done by applying an animated texture to all the faces of elements which are duplicated along the path. Like leds which are turned on and off and created the illusion of movement....
by Sphax
22 Jun 2016, 05:35
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Re: Linux Users with Cubik; Use Wine 1.9.9+ (Save's Been fix

CubikPro2 will be cross-platform and released for Windows, Linux and MacOS.
by Sphax
22 Jun 2016, 05:34
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Re: Texture upside down?

Be sure to use "CubikPro MC18.exe" for Minecraft 1.8 and "CubikPro.exe" for MC 1.9 or MC1.10
by Sphax
22 Jun 2016, 05:31
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Re: Voxelization Timeout

Please verify you put Cubik in a folder not requiring admin privileges. Or launch Cubik with Admin privileges.
by Sphax
22 Jun 2016, 05:30
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Re: Rail models

To replace the model of block variants, you'll have to edit the blockstate file related to that block and make it use different models.
by Sphax
22 Jun 2016, 05:28
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Re: Cubic pro help

Your issue depends a lot on what you are actually doing with files included in your resourcepack.

Without more details, we can't help