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Re: Will sound and 3D packs be coming to windows 10 or Bedrock Version of PureBDCraft?

29 Jul 2018, 22:00
Sweet good to know and will Vanilla and Grunge also be coming to bedrock? :)
Yes we are working on that
by Sphax
01 Aug 2018, 19:03
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Re: [IMPORTANT] If You Have Trouble Downloading the Pack

Spoiler: It will be added back to the website before December 2018 :scream:
by Sphax
01 Aug 2018, 07:23
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Re: New add on pack idea for BDCraft 1.13

SuperAlex25 wrote:
31 Jul 2018, 23:53
I have an idea! How about a pack that adds different textures for stacked items and enchantment books. And it also changes the item's texture when it's enchanted.
You should create your own topic explaInning your idea in details not squatting others threads. 😉
by Sphax
28 Jul 2018, 14:00
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Re: Creative Inventory Improvement Windows 10

This is on the todolist and should be improved for next update 😉
by Sphax
27 Jul 2018, 08:40
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Re: New add on pack idea for BDCraft 1.13

This is a very cool idea! ;)
by Sphax
25 Jul 2018, 18:13
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Re: [MC1.8 - 1.13] Alternative Blocks, Items & Entities

The repeating pattern could be easily broke with randomized textures in the same style... but that’s not something we’ll do 😉
by Sphax
25 Jul 2018, 10:10
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Re: Just some random things I wanted to tell Han

I was a 14 years old teenager in 1998...
And that was super cool years! :sunglasses:
by Sphax
23 Jul 2018, 06:43
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Re: Unable_To_Change_Resolution

Change the resolution then quit Minecraft and relaunch it.
It seems that the resolution does not change before a restart.

We’ll report that issue to Microsoft/Mojang.
by Sphax
21 Jul 2018, 07:22
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Re: Dyed Shulker Box Interface is default colour (omg I'm SO sorry guys)

You’re welcome and thanks for all your reports 😉