PureBDcraft for Minecraft Java

HD textures in a unique comic book style

PureBDcraft completely transforms Minecraft experience and makes it look like a Comic.

Blocks, creatures, items and UI are revamped in HD, and are full of details and geeky references.


PureBDcraft for Minecraft Bedrock

HD textures in a unique comic book style

PureBDcraft completely transforms your Minecraft world into a comic!

Blocks and items are revamped with this bright, bold high-def pack available in the marketplace.


Music Pack for Minecraft Java

True new feeling for your Minecraft world

The first pack of 39+ musical pieces for Minecraft to create a true new feeling in game.

Say good bye to 8bits music and welcome a new experience for your ears!


Sounds Pack for Minecraft Java

Darker, funnier and more realistic ambiance

The first pack with 300+ new sounds for darker, funnier and more realistic experience.

Hear the hoarse rattle of Zombies, the grinding bones of Skeletons and more…


VanillaBDcraft for Minecraft Java

HD cartoony vanilla textures

VanillaBDcraft mimics Minecraft assets whilst following the cartoonish design of PureBDcraft.

Colours, mobs, items, blocks and even GUI more closely match vanilla Minecraft!


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Java Aquatic update

The Aquatic update for PureBDcraft Java Edition is available! Explore oceans filled with turtles, dolphins, drowned zombies, corals and cool shipwrecks all in HD!


Bedrock Aquatic update

The Bedrock Aquatic update is finally here!
Dive into the deep seas, play with dolphins, fight ugly Drowned zombies, protect corals and discover lost treasures in shipwrecks with PureBDcraft!


New papercraft to make

Brand new papercraft sheets to print and play with!
Drowned, Phantom, Creeper, huge swords and many blocks are available to easily print as PDFs!
Be sure to use rounded scissors!


New wallpaper

PureBDcraft Family!
You should recognize a lot of familiar faces here! Available in multiple resolutions, including 4K!


PureBDcraft on Switch!

PureBDcraft is now playable on Nintendo Switch!
It contains HD graphics and super customized HD UI. Prepare your joycons!


PureBDcraft 1.11

Illusionner, knowledge Book, concrete, all new paintings, rare clovers, some new blocks UI, new scary spider, HD terracotta, parrots and more to discover!


PureBDcraft on Xbox One?!

PureBDcraft is now available directly in the Minecraft marketplace!
You can play with it in HD on Win10, iOS, Android and XboxOne. Prepare your gamepad!



Cubik Studio

Cubik Studio is a 3D modelling suite.

It has elements, voxels, meshes, primitives, model painting, preview and works very well with third party tools and games.


Tech Addon

Replaces redstone based blocks with advanced technology.

Redstone wire is more precise, repeaters become electronic components and more!


ExOF Addon

Implements Optifine feature to customize visual look of several items and armors.

Get battleaxes, warhammers, bows, crossbows, new armours, and more!


3D Blocks Addon

Adds new 3D models for various blocks to enhance visual look and gameplay.

New details and more depth in game!


/effect @e jump_boost
Disables fall damages!
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