What is a HD Patch for Minecraft?

You have installed a HD texturepack (PureBDcraft for example) and you get some weird glitches when playing?

For example, you have:

  • animated fire and purple portal in some blocks (stone or dirt)
  • weird thickness for your items in hand
  • red square instead of fire
  • weird clouds thickness
  • no random skins for Mobs
  • default water and lava or static water an lava

This page is dedicated to all the solutions to definitely fix those graphical bugs for Minecraft.

Note: Those bugs are not due to the texturepacks authors but are directly due to Minecraft itself which is still not updated to fully support HD texturepacks. Winking


MCPatcher is a java application that will allows you to switch between texture packs from one size to another sizes. It fully supports HD texturepacks and adds cool graphical enhancement to Minecraft.

[+] Good points

  • Generally works on new version even when no Mods are updated yet
  • Supports lot of cool graphics enhancement Mods
  • Easy to use and to install: just launch and click "Patch" (recommended for beginners)
  • Supports Betterglass Mod (semi-transparent glasses)

[-] Bad points

  • Doesn't fix lag spikes and doesn't try to optimize Minecraft


Note: For PureBDcraft, it is recommended to disable "Better grass" and enable "HD Font", "Random Mobs", "Custom Colors" and "Connected textures".


Optifine is a Mod which adds support for HD textures and a lot of options for better looks and performance. From its author himself, thanks to Optifine "doubling the FPS is common".

[+] Good points

  • Tweaks Minecraft in a way to optimize and fix bugs
  • Supports some cool graphical enhancement Mods over time (still less than MCPatcher)
  • Lots of new graphic options in game

[-] Bad points

  • Could be difficult to install for beginners
  • Needs an update after a Minecraft update (old versions of Optifine do not work with new versions of Minecraft)


Note: To enjoy all the features of Optifine, it is recommended to use the version called "OptiFine HD Ultra for Minecraft".