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BDcraft Animaker

BDcraft Animaker

About BDcraft Animaker

BDcraft Animaker is an Animation Creator, a Spritesheet Renderer&Splitter and an Animation Player. It's an handy tool that can create cool animated textures (Spritesheets). It has been designed for Minecraft animated textures but can be used for any game that uses the same type of Spritesheet..

It's recommended for all ResourcePack Makers who need an easy way to create their own animated textures (like water, lava, portal, clock, compass, ...) and/or want to distribute their creations for commercial use. Please note that more features will be added to Animaker (like ".meta" files creator&editor).

BDcraft Animaker can be tested thanks to the demo version (download below).

How Animaker Works

BDcraft Animaker is a simple tool full of handy features, just watch the following video to learn how to create animated water in less than a few seconds! More videos will come over time.

Be sure to check the YouTube Channel.


Animation examples

Note: All textures are seamless without further work needed after Animaker exports.


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BDcraft Animaker
BDcraft Animaker is an Animation Creator, a Spritesheet Renderer&Splitter and an Animation Player. It has been designed for Minecraft animated textures but can be used for games or websites.
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Terms of Use

By downloading BDcraft Animaker, you agree with the following simple, easy to understand terms of use:

  • Animaker is a software for Windows. It has been tested as much as possible but nobody is perfect and it can contains bugs. If you find one, you can report it to the Animaker dedicated Forum.
  • Animaker has been scanned for viruses and malwares and do not contain any.
  • Animaker needs an Internet connection at launch (for registration and updates checking) but a permanent Internet connection is not required.
  • BDcraft reserves the right to update the Terms of Use at any time without notice to you.
  • The BDcraft Token you receive after purchase (code beginning with "BDC-") is your Animaker Serial Number. Do not lose it or communicate it to anyone. If a BDcraft Token is posted on the Internet, it will be automatically banned and the attached product will become unusable.
  • You agree with the Terms and Conditions of Sale

By using BDcraft Animaker, you know that you ARE NOT authorized to:

  • modify, copy, host, mirror, publish, transfer, license, distribute, transmit, sell, reproduce, remix, alter or decompile Animaker

As a Owner of BDcraft Animaker, you know that you ARE authorized to:

  • use it for Commercial Use (like Sales or Ads) - except for the listed uses mentioned above
  • redistribute the content generated by Animaker for Commercial Use

If you do not agree with one or more of above terms, do not download and/or use Animaker.

How to Install

It's very easy: BDcraft Animaker don't have any installer.
Before launching, be sure to unzip it in a dedicated folder, that's all. Winking


BDcraft has many other things for you

BDcraft is not only "Animaker":

PureBDcraft is available for Minecraft, Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition), Minetest (an Open-Source Minecraft like game) and Delver but you can also download GrungeBDcraft (a WIP pack for Minecraft), various exclusive Wallpapers and icons to customize your PC or your Mac, print unique Paper-Crafts and access the BDcraft Community Forums to discuss, share and get help!

Be sure to check those things. Winking